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Robotics and factory automation

We are proud and humbled at the same time as our journey into Robotics & Factory Automation is initiated by being awarded the contract to build the first Robot Museum of India. Robotic Automation is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of PM Shri Narendra Modi’s vision with the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Modern advanced technology assists our clients to reduce the risk of human error, employee dependency, and workplace accidents while increasing the production efficiency and output. ESI is stepping up to assist Indian manufacturers meet this challenge.

  • Hospitality Robots are already a game changer.
  • From chatbots to robot assistants, the use of robots in the Hospitality Industry has increased and become widespread in the recent times. The first time robots were used in hotel service was in 2015, in Henn-na hotel, Nagasaki, Japan. Since then, different players in the hospitality industry have adopted the use of these machines to varying degrees.

  • Artificial Intelligence implementations are really making a change.
  • Outsourcing to ESI specializing in Artificial Intelligence models provides you with ready-made solutions to the challenges you are facing, without having to build the necessary infrastructure in-house. ESI is working in the realm of Artificial Intelligence solutions and is willing and able to execute results, provided that the problems are measurable and trackable.

  • The robotics revolution in India has its foothold first in heavy industry such as automotive manufacturing.
  • Currently our services encompass Integration of Robots and systems, Ordering and sourcing Robots and other material, Installation and Maintenance of robots and systems. While envisioning future, one cannot help but think of factory automations. ESI ventured into robotics and factory automation to embrace the future and be prepared for it.

  • NewAgeRobots is our venture dedicated solely for robotics and automation.

    NewAge Robots is robotics solution that has been conceptualized and developed with the aim to set a practical model for transparent, efficient and collaborative empowerment of business across the world taking advantage of global robotics industry.

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