JSW Cement - JSW Site, Toranagallu, Karnataka State.
ESI Engaged 90 Manpower

Site In-charge Mr. Gopalakrishnan

(General Manager)


We have over 65 men deployed, taking care of Operation and Maintenance of the entire plant.

  • The Slag, the waste produced from Blast Furnace is ground and used as raw material to produce cement adding required proportion of additives like Clinker, Gypsum, lime and fly ash.
  • The Total Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is taken care of by ESI Manpower
  • The Total production of first plant (NO-1) is 0.20 Million Ton, having 2 Horizontal mills.
  • The Total production of the Biggest plant 0.80 Million Ton / Annum, having 2 Vertical mills
  • Planning for an expansion Doubling the production