Steel Industry necessitates safe working procedures, as workers face many risks due to the nature of the job. The work environment is often challenging being hot and noisy, and the work tasks demand heavy body strength and involvement, and there is an always present risk for crushing injuries and burns. Steel companies have significantly improved their safety performance over the last 10 years, but many have reached a plateau where further progress is difficult to envision. To take safety to the next level, it is necessary to go beyond our traditional methods of approach and to challenge the implicit acceptance that we operate in a potentially hazardous industry where some accidents are inevitable. The new thinking states clearly that all accidents are avoidable and “Accident-Free” Steel is a practical goal for the future.

As our core team has significant experience in the steel industry, we are aware of the high level of risk to which employees are exposed to. Yet, many new practices in steel companies have demonstrated that an accident-free environment is a practical and achievable goal. This evolution is not only the result of a greater awareness of a moral obligation but also the fact that the legal requirements have become more and more stringent. We thrive on updating ourselves and training our team and staff to be up-to-date with the prevalent safety measures.

Another strong reason is the realization that safety excellence will act as a catalyst for better overall corporate performance.

While maintaining environmental friendly practices, we proudly maintain health & hygiene of our team and staff.

Training and education are the only ways to enlighten and make our team aware of the practices as per Environmental policy and Safety policy. We ensure timely training for the team with a commitment to seamless service system.

Policies that we follow includes: