4. JAL- Jindal Aluminum Ltd, Bangalore
45 Manpower is being deployed by ESI.

Site In-chargeMr. Ashok Sangan


This Plant consists of 6 Hydraulic Pressess and is the biggest aluminum extrusion plant in India under one roof. They produce around 6000 different types of Products patterns. The monthly production is around 4000T to 5000T. Around 45 Technicians are deployed for the Maintenance of the plant , consisting of Hydraulic units, Cranes.

  • The Biggest Aluminum Extrusion plant in India having 8 Hydraulic presses. Plant has a capacity of 5000 Tons per Month. More than 3000 different types of components are Produced meant for different applications/use all over India and abroad .
  • This is a full-fledged plant which uses 99.90 % of Aluminum ingots as well as scrap for it’s production.
  • 40 to 50% of their products are normally exported to other countries including Europe and United States.