Large Metal Structures



Engineering Services International provides a range of value-added services, such as bespoke fabrication services, including extremely large metal sculptures, animatronic metal sculptures, and other structural or architecturally aesthetic metal works.

We have the ability to design and develop exquisite sculptures and large-scale fluid or modern structures. Whatever the shape, regardless of complexity, we can take up the challenge to ensure that your ideas come to life, from concept to installation.

With our extensive experience in the steel industry, we stand in a unique position to select and source the best material for your project, be it weather-resistant outdoor steel or rust-proof stainless steel for the indoors. This experience also puts us in a position to handle all the logistics required to transport the raw materials and/or finished components to the site for final assembly.

Our products are precision engineered, with smooth styles and near-seamless finishes.

The heart of our project management is our unique collaborative style. We work with you to understand your concepts, your goals and your creative ideas. We work with the best artists, sculptors and design houses. We make use of the best 3D modelling software in the industry and, size permitting, we use 3D printers to create a scaled prototype for your approval. Further, using our unique inverse-molding technique which we developed in-house, we create metal prototypes that closely resemble the final product.

If and when required, we work with other fabrication service providers for specialized services such as riveting, drilling holes, splitting beams, painting, welding, plate burning, and sand blasting.

Notable Installations

Statue of Equality, Shahabad, Hyderabad.

First conceptualized in 2014, this 216-foot tall sitting statue of Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy weighing 1140 tons is expected to be completed in 2017. For this project, we worked in collaboration with Swathi Industries, to complete the fabrication of the lower metallic tube “skeleton”. Once completed, this will be the largest sculpture in India. We have an MOU with Swathi Industries for advanced fabrication of steel structures and equipment.