We obey certain set of rules to make our work eco-friendly

Environment Policy

“A sound mind exists in a sound body” that is how the proverb goes.

Accordingly, health is an important aspect in human life, and therefore it is important for us to see that all our employees maintain good health so that they can perform their normal duties efficiently and effectively, and make his earnings to support his family, and lead a comfortable life.

Cleanliness and hygiene play vital role in maintaining normal health of human race, or otherwise it will invite deceases causing damages to health.

Good housekeeping within the Plant is very significant and therefore, we educate our employees to maintain good housekeeping in their respective work areas, as they may be doing in their own homes; in order to provide a healthy working- environment.

Controlling/ minimizing air and sound pollution at the work place is equally important to maintain good and healthy environment, everyone should understand and pay attention not to make the atmosphere polluted, and therefore smoking at the work place is prohibited.

All our employees are informed at the time of their induction about the importance of maintaining healthy environment in their place of work.

Our Area Supervisors are instructed to ensure that the employees in their respective areas understand the concept fully well, and maintain their work areas neat and tidy after completing a given task/ at the end of their duty hours on regular basis.

For Engineering Services International,

A P Paulose

Managing Director

Induction for new Employees

1. Introduction to the work Area Person responsible: Supervisor1. Awareness and explanation about Plant/work area.2.General awareness regarding client’s Business(General awareness of Steel making in case of JSW).3. All key operational and social areas to be visited(eg: Offices, Catering Facilities, Bank, Safety Offices etc..
2. Introduction to other members of Staff.(if appropriate) Person responsible: Supervisor1. Explain about organizational set up.2. Discuss roles and responsibilities.3. Visits to key contacts in Plant/work area.
3. Introduction to other teams with in the work area(if appropriate) Person responsible: Supervisor1. Purpose/Activities of other teams/work areas.2. How the team fits in to the work area.  
4. Terms and conditions Person responsible: Supervisor/AGM1. Ensure the employee understands his benefits clearly(salary,EPF, Gratuity etc).2. Ensure the employee understands his duties and responsibilities(Notice period, attentiveness on duty hours etc). 
5. Performance Standards Person responsible: Supervisor1. Outline specific of job role(Job description).2. Define goals, objectives and expectations.3. Review probation and performance and development review/appraisal process.
6. Culture of the work area Person responsible: Supervisor/Admin staff1. Make the new recruit aware of the local arrangements regarding hours of work, holiday requests sickness procedure ,extra hours working, dress code, lunch arrangements etc.2. Employees are expected not to use any Drugs or Alcoholic drinks while at work. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters without any mercy.3. Other company procedures for Bus pass  Accommodation Transportation etc.
7. Job specific Training and Development Person responsible: Supervisor/AGMNeed for development of skill to be identified and suitable training programme to be planned and implemented time to time. co-ordinating with the concerned client’s representatives.
8. Monitoring and evaluation Person responsible: Supervisor/AGM/DGM    It is important that the induction programme is monitored and reviewed by the concerned area supervisors/Managers. The feedback about the employee to be collected at periodical intervals from the concerned area in charges, in order to provide necessary training to prepare him capable for performing given task.
9. Probation Person responsible: Supervisor/AGM/DGMNew recruits are subject to probation of 3 Months. The confirmation will be based on satisfactory performance during probation


For, Engineering Services International,

A P Paulose
Managing Director


Drugs and Alcohol Policy

We Engineering Services International are committed to maintain a safe and healthy working culture among our Employees in all our Work sites.

For maintaining the above, we understand it is important to ensure that none of our employee comes to work consuming intoxicated Drugs/Alcoholic Drinks, nor they consume any of such intoxicating substances while at work.

If anyone works in the Plant after consuming intoxicating substances he may not have his normal balance of mind and it might end up with untoward incidents like quarrels, infighting or even accidents affecting him and also other innocent fellow worker.

We have included this policy in our induction programme, and all our employees are informed regarding the same at the time of their recruitment procedures.

Our Area Supervisors are asked to keep a vigil on the employees to ensure that they strictly adhere to our policy and abstain from using Drugs or any other alcoholic substances during duty hours.

Our policy is to ensure 100% effectiveness of its purpose; and therefore we will closely monitor and initiate strict disciplinary action against any defaulters as indicated in our Employee Induction Programme.


For Engineering Services International,

A P Paulose
Managing Director